face to face

seek after,live in,all the days-behold the beauty-House of the Lord~27:4 Psalm

at face-to-face~
we create pieces showing the integrity of the past~
the strengths of generations before us~
We love words, families, & collections of~
designs that tell stories-that is what sets us apart.
Most of our frames are matted and have a hand written expression that 
reflects happiness - framing the faces of our days to retain a moment to be remembered

We build frames and vintage items that we find ourselves longing for~
We sell to customers coast to coast by way of etsy, and are currently 
carefully placed in around 3oo retail stores in the United States, 
Canada, and Virgin Islands. Our frames come with the dust of history 
still intact.

Since our debut in 2007~we not only design frames but
anything caught running around in our dreams

Everyday~ our work and lives colide to create strong and good things

this Blog~
~is used  to show product for the most part
our wood changes so quickly that it is the best way to pop new pieces up
but you never know where this might go.

my tops~
perfect day? quiet time,coffee,a run, kissing happy faces,routine,no routine,coffee house, family,pages with words,out to eat, more coffee & a grand brezze.
favorite food? cake.
motivates? love,challenge & fear
need more time for? dates with  john, 1on1with my children, writting, older generations & to "right my wrongs"
dream about? my house on the bluff ( as in shellman's)
favorite saying? sleep when you die,
most grateful? i know Christ, my husband, children, my family &
 the deposits they have made on my life
need to change? temper,patience,
dislikes? the word "NO", reading directions,pumping gas,
best lesson? I can't-God can.
house must have? fresh flowers, linen napkins, wide-open spaces