Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the good part

it has been one year since the conception of face to face framing..and alot has changed.
we moved from making frames in our garage to a small space in brunswick,ga. and then in september to a larger space with a warehouse and studio combined.
the experience has taught us first hand the definition of faith,trust,and hope...in our God and then in each other.
in this changing time it seems we are all gathering the grace to carry on the way things were and at the same time reach for hope in the change we see coming. we hold onto the past as we step into the future. unknown.
we at face to face framing are trying to get ready for new market. to bring you places from the past to store your hopes. objects that when you see and touch them you feel the strenght of time combined with your hope in a memory stored.
God is at the center of our business, our motivation and inspiration. He has allowed us the success to do something we love. and for this we give Him all the Glory.
as this year comes to a close we encourage you to reflect on the past-structure your present- hold simple things...like littlehands, a new baby, feel warm sun, drink sweet tea,and taste honeysuckles, enjoy a long sunday lunch,...there IS no joy...in anything unless we share it.
grow,reach, be strong,give, help,and love.

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SuzieQ said...

Your work is truly lovely, as is your family and your writing. I saw your frames for the first time today at a shop in Lexington, Kentucky called Peggy's gifts and they are truly striking and original. And kudos and blessings to you for giving God the glory. I'll look forward to following your blog.