Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My every so handsome and talented "Uncle Jim" designs these most beautiful antique bottles. ALL of them are original bottles that he and his beautiful bride collect on their travels. The detail is amazing. He can even enclose a wedding or baby annoucement inside.(i have all 3 of my children's in antique gerber bottles!
He designed one for me to give to my sister-in-law with a special hand-written 40th birthday wish inside . It is amazing!
"Uncle Jim" currently serves accounts all over the country, but you may can sweet talk him for a special order:)
you can email Uncle Jim @ however; he does not have internet in his studio- the coolest barn with a fabulous antique barber chair from Harry's Barber Shop in glennville,ga (circa 1910) and a very sexy Learn French cd playing as he whistle's while He works..get the picture!

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brigitte ssi-ga said...

WOW......those are beautiful!!! jim is so talented.......i can just see him whistling while he works.....need to get some for baby presents! love you big!