Wednesday, August 25, 2010

-what she said




working in the creative field can be so demanding for design is quite personal...

an extension of yourself.

for me,

it's hard to separate work from life

the blurring of

the line is beautiful

but sometimes it can be quite taxing

you never know when to stop.

step away.


Posted by cerré

so much strenght is
gathered during the blur-
no way I would trade it for
only clear skies

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millie said...

Wow! I continue to be impressed. Wow! I loved all the videos and pics. I have seen the Atlanta video but not the New York. I think it is neat to see how all the stuff got to NY. Wow! So impressed.
What you write about...feeling like you never leave your is because of your passion and most of all it is the price you pay for being creative. That is it. All the stuff you go is the creative side that puts you through it! I know. I have some of that in me. It is crazy but true. Creative people are difficult, but loveable! I love you.
I am constantly looking at my frames. I now have the poem in a stand. So beautiful. I show my frames to everyone who comes in my house.
Love you BIG!