Thursday, February 10, 2011

lucky me-

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15 years ago today
john w mckeown made a decsion that surprises me everyday
he said "i do" to me.

once upon a time
blue skies
priceless pictures
3 babies
hard heads
strong winds
emotional volcanos
empowering trust
stronger passion
safety nets
when skies are gray
fluttering butterflies
not an option
loving Jesus
redos & doovers
lots of love notes
cold feet
holding onto
letting go
better together
happy accidents
voice of truth
second chances
God has turned us into a really beautiful mess
happy anniversary-john
just so you know
-if i wasn't married to you

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John said...

My heart is full of these words. Imagine what we will add to this list in the next 15 years. Everyday you prove Gods plan. How wonderful that I see his plan for me in you. Truely, evidence that God has his hand on us.
Happy Anniversary.
I love YOU!